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Warm congratulations to FaSoLa Franchise chain store opening in ShanXi JinZhong.
5/19/2018   Popular: 256
Shanxi Jinzhong, as the core city of taiyuan economic circle, located in central Shanxi Province, in accordance with the taihang mountains, east west linfen river, adjacent to the provincial capital of taiyuan,
Warm congratulations to Boss Chang the third FaSoLa Franchise chain store grand opening in TaiYuan
5/19/2018   Popular: 238
Since joining FaSoLa household brand, generalmanager Chang of taiyuan is happy news ceaselessly, not only the product of theshop is often bought out of stock, but also the store scale is expanding day byday.
Warmly celebrate the successful completion of FaSoLa trial operation in ZaoZhuang,Shandong
2/2/2018   Popular: 432
Warmly celebrate FaSoLa Sandong ZaoZhuang on trial opening, which belonging to Shandong province, is located in the south of shandong province, bordering on the east to Syria, in pingyi county, fei county, linyi, tongshan county of the south and xuzhou city, jiangsu province, jia wang, pizhou neighbors, the west weishan lake, north and adjacent in zoucheng city of jining city.
Warmly celebrate the successful trial operation of FaSoLa changzhi store in ShanXi
1/3/2018   Popular: 523
Changzhi, formerly known as Shangdang, luzhou, lu 'an fu, etc. "Changzhi" is the name of the county where lu 'an fu zhi was originally located.
Warmly celebrate the grand opening of FaSoLa kurer store in XinJiang
12/26/2017   Popular: 438
Korla - general Mongolia autonomous prefecture in Xinjiang's capital, is the ancient silk road and into the throat of the Tathagata land and one of the birthplace of western culture, because of the rich world's "korla fragrant pear", also called "pear town." On December 15, Xinjiang Korla store grand opening here to wish Korla Hu and all of the FaSoLa franchisees business thriving and better. FaSoLa Joining hotline: 400-826-5259.
Warmly celebrate the grand opening of FaSsoLa jiuquan wanda store in Gansu province
11/30/2017   Popular: 517
Jiuquan, a prefecture-level city in Gansu province, lies between Aljinshan, qilian and Manama mountains at the west end of hexi corridor in northwest gansu province
Warmly celebrate FaSoLa Shanxi Taiyuan Boss Chang 2 store opening performance 81326 Yuan
11/23/2017   Popular: 497
Taiyuan Boss Chang opened 2 shops, In the first store opened in June, the store opened a month ago and went to find the store.
Warmly celebrate FaSoLa Jinhua Store grand opening
11/14/2017   Popular: 472
Jinhua - because its located in Venus and place named wu female two star over China jinhua, referred to as "gold, called WuZhou, the national famous historical and cultural city of one of the ten best livable cities in China.
Warmly celebrate FaSoLa heart of YiWu Store opening performance up to 65395Yuan
11/14/2017   Popular: 545
Successful people can change their methods countless times, but never give up easily.Unsuccessful people always change their goals. To celebrate the grand opening of FaSoLa yiwu's heart store on June 24!Opened a few days ago, Our supervisors work all day and all night just to get things started.
Warmly celebrate FaSoLa ShanXi TaiYuan Store(70squre meters) opening performance 17631Yuan
11/14/2017   Popular: 454
Taiyuan - nickname bing, called jinyang, also known as dragon mart, is China's excellent tourism city,which is national famous historical and cultural city, national garden city, TaiYuan city circle core city, And Shanxi Province politics, economy, culture, transportation and international exchange center.
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