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Product research design advantage:
We have strong product research, design team. Based on the concept of environmental protection, fashion, simplicity and sustainable development,FaSoLa Brand has strong product research team at China, Japan, Korea.


Product Cost Advantage:
FaSoLa has almost a decade of product research, design, production and sale experience. The sale platforms and distribution channel of FaSoLa is worldwide. Batch production brings about that raw material and production cost is largely reduced. For the franchisee to achieve considerable profit space, Meanwhile, Providing more high cost performance, Eco freindly, fashion, simple household products for consumer.

FaSoLa brand advantages are also reflected in activity planning and marketing. All the advertising and promotional activity is planned by FaSoLa headquarter, that will reduce the advertising cost largely for franchisee.


Product Service Advantage:
The headquarters of the company provides the franchisee with the guidance and comprehensive training courses for the store opening. The company has established a set of scientific and rigorous training system. Wrote a different positions responsibility and training information for retailing store. Through systematic training of franchisees and employees, improving customer service, professional knowledge and sales skills, and finally achieve the goal of improving customer satisfaction and sales performance.

From the design, decoration and displays, The FaSoLa storefront has more strict requirements. Our storefronts create a warm and comfortable environment through different scene layout planning and product functional display. Making customers experienced a good shopping place.

Management Advantage:
Company has a senior home retail industry professional team, which can predict industry information and trends precisely. Our management team will work hard to formulate strict operation guidance and development plan for different franchisees' stores. Through rigorous financial statement analysis, the important factors (sales amount, gross profit rate, human effect, area effect, storage effect, shortage, loss) of terminal stores will be studied scientifically and thoroughly. Making clear the advantages and disadvantages of each store, formulate the corresponding executable plan, adjust the management idea, and finally achieve a good reputation of customer service and a high profit margin.

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