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The following are the terms of membership registration. Please read them carefully.

The following are the terms of membership registration. Please read them carefully

This agreement is made by ZheJiang FaSoLa Daily Necessities co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as FaSoLa) to provide services (hereinafter referred to as "the service"), against FaSoLa wholesale website viplife.cn. (hereinafter referred to as the "official website" or "FaSoLa") member (all of the following are referred to as "member") of the agreement.

Article 2 (definition of membership)

Member means: agree with the rules content of this agreement, and registered in the official website of individuals, enterprises and social organizations.

Article 3 (password management)

FaSoLa grants passwords to registered members.
Users need to manage their passwords properly. FaSoLa is not liable for any loss caused by the theft of the password by a third party, regardless of the user''''''''s own fault.
Once a member finds that the password is stolen, he/she shall immediately contact and inform FaSoLa customer service center to suspend the activities of the member and change the password as soon as possible.

Article 4 (login of personal information)

Members should ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the information they fill in when they join the FaSoLa.
When members need to change their personal information, they can modify it by themselves or apply to FaSoLa customer service center.
FaSoLa will manage the information submitted by members at the time of application in accordance with the management method of personal information. In principle, FaSoLa does not modify or change members'''''''' personal information without their consent. However, FaSoLa will modify or change the personal information of the customer under certain circumstances in accordance with article 6 of this agreement (prohibition of members).

Article 5 (use of personal information)
Personal information collected from members is shown below.
(2)Address/phone number
(3)Email address

For members'''''''' personal information, FaSoLa will be used in the following situations.
(1)Goods delivery
(2)Commodity payment settlement
(3)Used for product development and service quality improvement questionnaire survey
(4)Used for product development and service quality improvement questionnaire survey
(5)Post messages and pictures
(6)In other cases that must be modified, FaSoLa will contact its members before making any changes

For all personal information of members, FaSoLa will not disclose it to any third party without the confirmation of members except as follows.
(1)When ordering, the goods in the order are delivered.
(2)When making payment
(3)Return application
(4)Promotion activities (including cooperation with other companies)
(5)Circumstances required by laws and regulations

Article 6 (prohibition of members)
Members shall not use the online services and commodity information provided by FaSoLa for profit-seeking or other improper purposes. Except for the situation which FaSoLa agrees.
Members are not allowed lend or transfer your registered members and passwords to a third party or use them with a third party.
Members shall not fill in false information when they log in.
Not allowed to improperly use your membership address and password.
FaSoLa or third party property rights, personal privacy and trade secrets shall not be infringed.
No action shall be taken to harm the interests of FaSoLa or a third party.
No criminal action shall be committed in violation of the law or public order.
And other behaviors that FaSoLa considers inappropriate/improper.

Article 8 (cessation and suspension of services)

For the following cases, FaSoLa will stop, suspend or change all or part of the services provided by FaSoLa without prior notice.
(1)Regular maintenance, emergency maintenance, or system failure due to need.
(2)Failure to provide service in case of fire or power failure.
(3)Failure to provide services due to natural disasters, earthquakes, etc.
(4)A condition in which a system cannot work properly due to a bad system, malicious intrusion by a third party, computer virus infection, etc.
(5)In cases that requested by government organs and judicial departments.
(6)Other cases FaSoLa thinks are necessary.

FaSoLa shall not take any responsibility for the impact of the suspension or suspension of services caused by the above reasons on its members.

Article 9 (cancellation of members)
When the following situations occur, FaSoLa will cancel the membership of the corresponding member without prior notice. FaSoLa is therefore not liable for any damages caused to its members.
(1)In violation of Chinese laws and regulations or the contents of these articles
(2)Using FaSoLa services for illegal or improper conduct
(3)In cases that there is debt situation with FaSoLa
(4)Not using the official website for a certain period of time
(5)Other laws and regulations or circumstances that FaSoLa deems appropriate

In addition to the above situations, FaSoLa has the right to disqualify a member if he/she logs in less than a certain number of times during a specified period of time.

Article 10 (return and replacement, refund, shortage)

About return and replacement goods rules
For returned goods with quality problems, you may apply for return service. In other cases, you may not accept return or replacement of goods.

About shipping cost
Due to the problem of products quality caused return and replacement gooods requirement, the shipping cost incurred will be afforded by official website.

About the refund
If the returned goods conform to the return rules, we will handle the refund procedures for the members within 5 working days from the date of receiving the returned goods from the warehouse.
The actual time of receipt shall be subject to the relevant rules of bank/alipay.
The refund will be remitted to the designated account used by the member when purchasing the goods.
The refund amount of the goods is subject to the actual amount paid, and the freight incurred in the purchase of the goods is not acceptable.

About shortage
When the member submit the order, order status shows "the goods are ready, please pay for the goods" ,However, since the warehousing center is manually operated goods allocation, if the goods are out of stock, it shall be deemed as normal shortage. If the goods need to be separately supplemented, the shipping cost shall be borne by the member himself.

1.The member shall be responsible for the damage/loss caused by the returned goods in the course of express delivery.

Article 13 (ownership of copyright, etc.)
The copyright, trademark right or other intellectual property rights related to the pictures and designs of the official website are owned by FaSoLa and other legal organizations recognized by FaSoLa,members shall not infringe upon the interests of the aforementioned right holder.

Article 14 (disclaimers)

FaSoLa is not responsible for any force majeure such as natural disasters.
As for the delivery of goods, FaSoLa will send goods to the logistics designated by the members in the recipient''''''''s logistics. When this is completed, FaSoLa will consider that the delivery has been completed.
FaSoLa provides services in accordance with the information submitted by members. If the information is wrong, members shall exempt FaSoLa from liability.

If a member uses FaSoLa''''''''s services to harm the interests of other members or third parties, all responsibilities shall be borne by the member himself. FaSoLa shall not bear any responsibilities.
When FaSoLa confirms whether the member is himself, it will use the method specified by FaSoLa to confirm. In the absence of any fault, FaSoLa shall not be liable for any disputes or losses caused thereby.
FaSoLa shall not be liable for any loss caused to members or third parties when members can not accept the services provided by FaSoLa due to various conditions.

Owning the FaSoLa trademark right within the territory of the People''''''''s Republic of China can ensure that the trademark is legal and effective. We shall not be liable for any legal disputes arising from the use of the trademark in other countries.

Article 15 (change of System)
FaSoLa may modify the terms of this agreement without prior notice due to operational or service requirements. The revised new terms will take effect when they are notified from FaSoLa to members, or when they are published on the website.

Article 16 (applicable law and court of jurisdiction)
This rules comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the People''''''''s Republic of China. All disputes arising from this rules shall be under the jurisdiction of the people''''''''s court with jurisdiction in the place where FaSoLa is located in YiWu city.

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